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You're here because you're curious about what journaling can do for you.

I started to keep a journal while studying for my MSc in Executive Coaching, but once I’d handed in my dissertation, I found I fell out of the habit. It was only when I made the decision to leave a decades-long marriage, that I felt driven to put pen to paper again. It helped to sustain me through a really tricky divorce and became part of my nightly routine. 

Take a breath. Sit down.

I started with one of those gratitude journals but quickly realised I wanted and needed more space for just getting my thoughts and feelings out on paper and that’s when I began to use simple, lined notebooks, experimenting with what worked and didn’t work for me. I now define journaling as the art of putting emotions on paper. It’s a habit that I have urged my leadership clients to take up as part of their personal and leadership growth. Yet most of them admit to struggling with making it a habit.



As people were urged to stay at home, I began to ask myself how I could contribute to the community I had built up. What could I offer in this time of great stress and change that could help many people – of any age and at any stage of life? That’s when I thought of journaling. My own experience, and the research, told me that this was one simple thing that could help all of us navigate this new world. So I committed to holding a live journal session every evening for a month on my business Facebook page.


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