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This is what Journal Safari owners have to say...

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“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

In challenging times, the guided Journal Safari and all the amazing journal tools in the book, helped me to become calm, centred and more focused on what needed to be done. It helped me create this journal habit which I now enjoy and have a lot of fun with.” 


- Martin Reinecke, VP Enterprise Solutions, Cymer

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"I am LOVING your Journal Safari and am recommending it to all my colleagues. Moyra - you could have simply numbered pages 1 - 30 and that would have been a 30-day journal. The intelligent provocations, reflections and activities you have tested and included are SO valuable. And, when I do mostly manage to do some pages early each day I have a very welcome sense of achievement. I am a BIG fan."


- Abigail Hunt, Deloitte Ventures

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“It's not just another journal of empty pages with no real meaning. This one has plenty of prompts to get you started and keep you going. It actively makes you reflect on your thoughts and emotions. It's a little bit like someone is holding your hand telling you "it will be alright". Nothing worse than the fear of blank pages!!”

- Sonja Wood, Lawyer

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“I joined one of Moyra’s journal safari sessions a couple of weeks ago and have been keeping a daily journal ever since. The main benefits for me is it’s helped me to keep perspective in these times, not to be too hard on myself and be thankful for the things I have achieved. Journaling has definitely helped me to keep a positive outlook. It’s been really refreshing to look back on the last day and get my thoughts down on paper and have some reflection time. I’ve also found that if I’ve had a tough day just writing my daily journal lifts my mood and has a calming effect on me.”


- Justin Ellis, Strategy and Innovation, Lloyds Banking Group

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I absolutely loved Moyra's Journal Safari classes and would recommend them to absolutely anyone - my Mum even sat in on one of them! In my teenage years I used a journal to "purge" so I didn't really have a good memory of journaling! The Safari sessions were so good because they helped me to focus on a different topic/theme each week and were time limited so I couldn't ramble on aimlessly for ever! Having 3 short sessions a week also kept up the momentum whilst being manageable. I've since bought the journal and have just started it - I'm very excited to learn where this will take me!!


- Polly Jennens, Counsellor, Clear Minds Counselling

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"I highly recommend Moyra’s Journal Safari. I am thoroughly enjoying my journal safari so far. I bought one for myself and the other for my sister. We started together on Sunday and are on day 3 now. Even if we quit now (which we won’t) it would already be a win, because we are both connecting with our own thoughts and creativity in a new way. My sister’s drawings are incredible to see. In her own words ‘It feels really hard to access that creativity again. Hard to remember that I used to draw all the time.’ Knowing that your prompts are allowing her to discover a forgotten, tucked away part of herself is beautiful. Thank you!"


- Dara Ford, Women's Tailor

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