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Journal Safari: Create your journal habit in 30 days

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Are you looking for a journal that you’ll find easy to pick up and actually use? A journal that doesn’t confront you with endless blank pages and very little guidance? A journal that looks great and DOESN’T just gather dust with all those other notebooks you’ve bought?

With a gazillion different notebooks, planners and journals out there, why should you choose Journal Safari: Create your journal habit in 30 days?

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The journal prompts are the distilled wisdom from my 20 years as an accredited executive coach.  These prompts are the a-ha questions that I have seen unlock insight, emotion and action with my coaching clients.



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Our brains are hardwired for familiarity, so when we want to do something new, a familiar structure can "fool" our brain into relaxing.  Which is why every day is divided into three parts.  Part 1 is always the same - your brain will actively welcome this! Parts 2 and 3 explore different facets of your thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs but are designed to feel familiar.


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The journal content harnesses the research on what makes journaling so powerful; that it needs to access first your emotions and then encourage you to make sense and meaning from those feelings.


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The journal exercises vary from day to day to show you different ways of journaling, so that at the end of 30 days you have a tool kit of journal techniques to suit your mood and personality.

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Structured with an understanding of neuroscience and habit change, here are just four ways Journal Safari is different from most of the other journals out there:

The  206 page journal includes:

  • 60 different journal prompts that invite you to explore your feelings, values, relationships, hopes, fears and dreams

  • 30 check-in and grounding moments to help you silence your Inner Critic and “clear the clutter” in your head

  • Something new every day - from visualising the future, to anger and difficult emotions, through to playfulness, motivation, gratitude, fear and happiness.

  • Plenty of extra space to write, doodle, draw and explore in your own way

  • Notes on the psychology and neurobiology of emotions

  • Advice on what to do when you get stuck

  • A welcome video and guided intention setting session to set you up for success

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I have had feedback from people who have journaled for years saying that their journaling is richer, deeper and more meaningful and from lapsed and beginner journalers that the structure and support really encourages them to get going and keep the habit up.


Most efforts to start journaling fail because:

  • You love the beauty of the journal and worry that you will “spoil it”

  • You fear that you don’t have anything to write about

  • You are waiting for a time when things in your life will calm down a bit so you have time

As a qualified, accredited coach I’m in the business of helping people make habit changes and have heard all of the above fears so, so many times.

Which is why I have designed and written a journal that recognises these fears and guides you through the process until you have that habit of “you time” well-established.

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