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Journal Safari

Join my

Meet your fellow journalers! Engage in community conversations, find out about events you might love and enjoy guided journal classes.


You have the journal, now join my journal community!

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How would you like to commune with like-minded people, away from ads and exploitation of your data?

No more Facebook, Linked-In, Instagram…

My  Journal Gathering place is on a secure, dedicated, paid for platform. Currently dedicated to Journal Safari owners, but will soon incorporate leadership and career spaces. 

For now, the focus is on journaling and personal and emotional development – a place of resources, connection and inspiration. 

This is what the science says about writing a journal...

  • Helps our brains regulate our emotions (sciency language for “helps us to stop feeling angry/resentful/envious or guilty for longer than we really need to”)

  • Gives us a healthy outlet for ALL our emotions so that we don’t take them out on our nearest and dearest

  • Boosts our ability to cope with change and adversity

  • Builds our self-awareness and emotional intelligence (which has been shown to be more important than IQ in succeeding at work and flourishing at home)

  • Strengthens our identity, self-confidence and self-esteem

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