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Welcome to The Journal Coach

Hello and welcome!

I guess if you’ve found your way here, you’re curious about how journaling can help you.

I’m going to make another guess and say you’re probably what I call a “caring juggler”; you’ve got a huge heart and your care deeply for friends/family/work/studying/good causes. 

You take on a lot and you’re juggling all these commitments and wondering where time for you fits in. You’re on the go and busy all the time, you’re often tired but feel guilty or indulgent about carving out some time to stop DOING and just BE.

How do I know?  Because a few years ago, this was me and you can read more about how journaling pulled me out of a pretty dark place here. Since then, my journal habit has given me the ability to manage the caring and the juggling in my life without burning out, feeling overwhelmed or resentful. 

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But back to you


The good news is that the bigger your heart, the more journaling will help you.  The research supports what buyers of Journal Safari write in and tell me and what I see and hear from the members of our journaling Inner Circle; journal writing transforms how we think and feel.

The journal habit I help you develop is a powerful form of self-coaching, self-discovery and self-healing.

Are you ready to feel calmer, clearer, more confident and more in tune with your values and purpose?

We’ve got one chance at this thing called life, let’s make the most of it.

Your coach, 

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Your Journal Safari Options

Just the Journal
£19.95 + p&p

A beautifully illustrated 206-page journal, with 90 different journal prompts

The Inner Circle

Weekly guided journal writing classes and a supportive, engaged community.

1-2-1 Coaching

Expert personal coaching to support your journal reflections and personal development

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The Journal - An A5, 206-page journal with 30 days of different, structured reflection prompts.



No more fear of the blank page!

The perfect pick you up if you know that you are good at ring-fencing a bit of time for you or you already have an established journal habit and want to push yourself to the next level of reflection, awareness and emotional agility. 


If you think you’ll need help getting started, then why not dip your toe in the water with 30 days of Guided Journaling, which includes a FREE Journal

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This is what Journal Safari owners have to say...



I highly recommend Moyra’s Journal Safari. My sister and I both have a journal and we are both connecting with our own thoughts and creativity in a new way.

Knowing that your prompts are allowing her to discover a forgotten, tucked away part of herself is beautiful. Thank you!” 


- Dara Ford, Women's Tailor

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Peek Inside Journal Safari

Do you have a collection of lovely notebooks and journals gathering dust on a shelf somewhere? Just because journal writing can be simple doesn’t make it easy.

Most efforts to start journaling fail because:

  • You love the beauty of the journal and worry that you will “spoil it”

  • You fear that you don’t have anything to write about

  • You are waiting for a time when things in your life will calm down a bit so you have time

As a qualified, accredited coach I’m in the business of helping people make habit changes and have heard all of the above fears so, so many times.

Which is why I have designed and written a journal that recognises these fears and guides you through the process until you have that habit of “you time” well-established.

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